Tips for taking care of pets in a pet-friendly condo

Raising pets in a condo today doesn’t have to be hidden anymore as the trend of pet-friendly condos is on the rise. In this article, we will tell you tips on how to properly care for pets in your condo to keep your pets happy and healthy.

Prepare space for pets in the pet-friendly condos

– Create a comfortable corner for your pet to have their own space, such as a corner of the room with a bed and their favorite toys.

– There should be an exercise area for them. Even though space is limited in a condo, you can use a corner of the room for them to run around and exercise.

Exercise and activities for pets in the pet-friendly condos

– Pet-friendly condos often have plenty of space for them to roam outside the condo. So you can take your pet for a walk in the garden or nearby green space at least 1-2 times a day and supplement it with toys to give them more fun and exercise.

Managing pet food and water in the pet-friendly condos

– Make sure food and clean water are available to pets at all times.

– Choose food that is nutritious and appropriate for your pet’s breed and age.

Health care and hygiene for pets in the pet-friendly condos

– You should bathe and brush your pet regularly to reduce fur shedding and prevent skin problems.

– Take your pet for a health check and vaccination according to the schedule recommended by your veterinarian.

Preventing the problem of pets destroying property in condos

– Provide pets with chewable toys to prevent them from biting furniture. This is especially true for those renting pet-friendly condos because you may have to pay the owner for repairs.

– Train pets to use the bathroom in designated places when they go outside to prevent messes and not disturb others in the pet-friendly condo.

Adjusting pets and people in pet-friendly condos

– Train pets to have good manners, such as not barking loudly, not biting others, or not jumping on people.

– Let your pet get to know the neighbors to create a friendly society in the condo.

With these tips, you’ll be able to easily keep your pets happy and healthy in your pet-friendly condo. If you are searching for an pet-friendly condo in Bangkok, you can search for condos that interest you at