Thailand Legal Services by Tila Legal

Registering a company in Thailand, if you are a foreigner, can be an expensive and difficult process if you are unsure of how the system works and what is required. You may find yourself confused with all the documentation required such as setting up the correct type of bank account or even registering the company and its VAT status. But help is at hand thanks to Tila Legal, an experienced law firm who is specialised in Thailand company registration and everything from accounting and visa services.

Situated in the Sukhumvit in the heart of Bangkok Tila’s lawyers are renowned for their quality and high legal status. You need not be worried that dealing with Thai lawyers can be a hassle and that they may be unskilled as Tila prides themselves on ensuring that they treat their customers openly and honestly and they strive to conduct their business in a satisfactory manner for both themselves and their clients. When it comes to the law Tila and its staff are held in high regards here in Thailand.

Many people who are interested in setting up a company in Thailand are not sure how to even get started or the rules and regulations needed to set up a business successfully. Thanks to Tila’s English speaking lawyers they will help you during all stages of the business set up process and everything will be explained to you in an easy to understand manner and Tila will be with you every step of the way during the entire process. So there has never been a better time to start expanding your business in Thailand – a nation that is known for booming business growth so contact Tila Law today to get started and you will soon discover the power of doing business in Thailand and the success it can bring.

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