Mindfulness Training For Inner Peace

Mindfulness training also referred to as mindfulness meditation, is a technique that enables an individual to experience mental, bodily calmness by releasing any negativity and slowing down racing thoughts.

This meditation involves deep breathing and being able to concentrate on one’s mind and body fully. Examples of mindfulness exercises include staring at a leaf for about 5 minutes.

This exercise involves nothing but the leaf and your attention. Another example includes mindfulness eating, whereby you think of nothing but how you’re eating and what you’re eating, feeling while analyzing every taste in each bite.

How to go about it   

One needs to be fully committed to daily meditation practice. Make it a routine by doing it frequently. This means setting a particular time for mediation, for example, getting to it the first thing in the morning when you wake up.

Find a nice quiet place with little or no distractions that makes you feel comfortable and make it your sanctuary for meditation.

Set no expectations for yourself. At first, meditation may seem complicated, and you may find it almost impossible to sit still and focus on yourself. This is okay, don’t beat yourself so hard because it wasn’t how you expected it would be.

Just take deep breathes, calm down and begin the process all over again. With more practice, you will finally be able to concentrate fully.

Be kind to yourself. Believe that you are best at what you’re doing, and keep pushing on.

Get a friend or partner to join you; this way, you get moral support, and breaking away from your newfound habit will be avoided. An accountability partner makes it easier for you to remain consistent in your daily routine.


We should be encouraged to practice mindfulness training more often, knowing its positive effects on our minds and bodies.

Participating in fun activities such as the Thailand expo 2010 would help relax the mind by exploring its diversity in culture and various spicy foods.

Just as we exercise our bodies to keep them fit and healthy, the brain keeps healthy when we regularly practice meditation, keeping it less stressed and clearer.