Debunking Common Hair Transplant Myths

If you are dealing with thinning, balding, or hair loss due to an injury, a hair transplant procedure will help. A hair transplant procedure will restore your appearance and improve your self-confidence. You will be glad to know that the process is entirely safe when conducted by a certified doctor.

However, patients are still skeptical about hair transplants despite their enormous benefits. If you have concerns about hair transplants in Thailand, you have come to the right place. 

Thailand Expo has all the answers that you need to common hair transplant Thailand half-truths. 

Hair Transplant Only Works in Younger Men

A hair transplant is perfect for any individual, regardless of their age. However, it is best to note that patients with adequate hair density are suitable candidates for hair transplants. Your surgeon will also examine your hair characteristics, including color, density, thickness, and texture.

Further, your hair transplant surgeon will also check your scalp flexibility and the health of your hair on the donor areas. 

Hair Transplant Can Leave You with an Unnatural Appearance

Although most people assume that hair transplant appears unnatural, the truth is that hair transplant is one of the safest hair restoration procedures out there. It will restore your natural appearance without causing further damage. To do this, your surgeon will examine you to pick the best hair transplant procedure. 

Usually, your surgeon might choose Follicular Unit Transplantation or Follicular Unit Extraction based on your individual needs and health conditions. Regardless of the hair transplant procedure, surgeons use advanced equipment and skills during the process. 

Hair Transplant Requires Routine Maintenance

Another misconception you are likely to encounter is that hair transplants require routine care and maintenance. Thankfully, a hair transplant does not need several follow-up visits or regular maintenance due to technological advancements.  

Above all, you don’t need specialized treatment after the procedure. Besides, you can cut and style your hair any way you want after a few weeks. You can even use any shampoo or hair product after the procedure. 

Final Thoughts

Hair transplant Thailand is a safe hair restoration method despite all the negativity and criticism surrounding it. It is safe and suitable for everyone regardless of their age.